The making of Sonny Ragg

Sonny Ragg is a collective that banded together in 2018. It was founded by Sven Myren, a musician that already had a striking presence in the local ‘Den Bosch’ music scene. After months of looking for the right crew to perfectly add to “Sonny Ragg”s sound, the band took on its final form. They started playing their first notable gigs early 2019, and were already playing festivals before the start of spring! The band consist of 5 members, Mark van Reusel on drums, Dylan van de Grift on Bass, Jeroen Straatman on Guitar and Quint Vullings on Keys/Hammond. It takes time to find the perfect group of people, but the patience has paid off! The band is anxiously steaming ahead, working towards more performances and finding that perfect sound. Be sure to catch the fast-train that is ‘Sonny Ragg’, because new things are coming soon!


Previous events